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Firstly, thanks to Jake for hosting me on your blog, I really appreciate it.


This is the first guest post of the ‘Falling to Pieces’ Blog Tour so I thought I’d tell you about how I came to write it.


A friend asked me if I wanted him to be honest about my writing.

This was a friend I’d made online, I didn’t know him that well, but I suppose it was better that he told me online so that I could cry without him seeing such a pathetic reaction. I told him to go ahead, winced and waited for the bad news.


He told me that I was a great writer BUT I needed to write something that I really wanted to write. He concluded that I really needed to write a vampire story, because that’s usually what I enjoy reading the most.


I told him honestly that I was too afraid to do that. There was no way I’d be able to come up with a plot that would do that genre any justice. Just, no way.


Of course he challenged me.


Having been in the Royal Air Force for over eleven years I have an inability not to rise to a challenge of any type. I think subconsciously my mind was working on it but I kept shaking the idea away and telling myself ‘Not to be so bloody stupid.’


One, not so quiet evening, I was enjoying a few vinos with my Fanny Wang’s firmly over my ears singing deafly along to songs on Spotify. My husband sat next to me shooting looks that silently told me to ‘shut the hell up you sound like you’re being strangled and drowned at the same time.’


That’s when it happened.


I was listening to ‘Falling to Pieces’ by David Guetta. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve listened to that song on many occasions, but this time was different. My creative mind was scanning and searching for the next great vampire plot.


Teagan roared through my veins and danced before my eyes as the perfect determined vampire heroine. Thomas, Victoria and Bartholomew joined her and were set to stop her and her forbidden desires from coming to fruition. Then of course came the gorgeous Marc, secretive, mysterious whilst being outgoing and fun at the same time.


The plot formed perfectly in my mind in a matter of one play of that song. Although, my characters played up and the plot changed and formed as I began to write and brought the characters to life.


I only hope that the readers love my characters as much as I do. I hope that they fall in love with Teagan and Marc.


I hope they want more, because more is coming….




About the Author

L.T. Kelly was born and raised in Solihull, UK. She started writing short stories at school where her teachers offered her lots of feedback and encouragement.

Aged seventeen she joined the Royal Air Force, her career didn’t reserve a lot of time to write so she pushed her passion for it to the back of her mind.

After an eleven and a half career she started writing short stories again until a friend commented that she should write a novel.

She has always had an unhealthy obsession with vampires, so of course it was inevitable that a plot involving vampires would be the first to spring to mind.

L.T. Kelly lives in Lincolnshire, UK with her husband and two children.


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    Day two of the Blog Tour – A guest post on how I came up with the plot for ‘Falling to Pieces’.

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