New Teaser for 300…!

Here is a teaser from Awakening the Fire: Book II of The Inferno Unleashed series on My Facebook Author account. This is actually my favorite scene in the entire novel.

Thank you all for your support, and be sure to like me there so you can be the very first to see the upcoming cover reveal of Empyreal Illusions: Book I of The Inferno Unleashed series.

Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!!!


Hope is the building block of our future but love allows us to live it, Breena continued amidst harsh breaths. A shudder down her spine told her that the arch-demon was listening. What is the worth of existence without someone to share it with? Veku and Ophion have taught me that love is our savior. Go ahead and think it’s my weakness. I’ve found strength in it. Now and forever I reject your hatred.

Wrong again, Breena, Mother Harlot countered, the coolness of her tone far gone. Must the wretched girl fight her tooth and nail to the end? You’re still wet behind the ears. All you are doing is settling yourself up to be hurt. She grimaced.

When you love a person the world is kind and bright. Then he betrays you out of the blue. You learn that he never meant anything he said or did. You reject the truth but it continues to gnaw at you. Soon all your love and care sours like curdled milk. Your heart grows cold while your body withers in grief. At first you deny it. Surely it cannot happen to you? That love could not have been a lie, right? You wonder if you were not good enough. Was it something you did? What made someone else better than you?

The heat in her voice had become intense, her fury distant. Next you grow angry. It isn’t fair or right. All you want is for things to go back to the way they were. You are willing to shame yourself to sate your sorrow. Only then do your realize he never gave a damn about you in the first place. Then your love festers into hatred. Depression sets in and you give up the fight to go on. You think you accept it in time, but it’s only a different form of death. You’ve become empty. You huddle in the dark and cry yourself to sleep. You can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong. This wasn’t the life you had expected. What about all the dreams and plans? What of the sweet nothings and promises of forever? They were all just pretty lies. You were nothing to him then and you’re even less now.

She paused, clearly flustered and bitter. She had not thought about Izanagi in eons. How dare the girl stir such hurt in her! You beg for death so you can surrender to your pain and rest at last. You just want it all to end. Yet when the opportunity comes, you reject it. Now you clutch your anguish with all your being. It has warped into something greater than a state of mind. It has become you. Emptiness is all you have left and you cannot bear to let it go. You won’t let anyone take that from you, too. She bit her lip and made a noise that part growl and part moan. You are still so naïve, Breena Taljain. This is reality. This is what happens to love and good intentions. Do not dare to tell me otherwise!

Breena remained silent for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. To think the poor woman shouldered that burden alone and for so long! She wished she could just reach out and hug her tightly. At one point in time, that might have solved so many problems.

Oh Izanami, you poor thing. I pity your ignorance more than I do your tragic past.

For a moment, Mother Harlot quietly glared daggers at Breena. Eerie silence settled in, despite the clamor of magic and cries of the ab’dyon around them. The coppery-brown clouds above stopped churning, too. This was the calm before the storm.

Then the gathering tempest broke.




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