A New Day, A New Project


Writing is very much like chess. You make one move while trying to concurrently plan the next ten ahead of you.

That feeling is all the more true when you start a new project. I can vouch for that. To that end, I’ve finally started my next novel.

It’s odd, really, how you can plan something for so long and then take days, weeks, or months even, just thinking of the perfect words so you can give form to thoughts. I was finally fortunate enough to think of that perfect beginning, the kind of which I think I could rally work with. It may only be a few lines for now, especially since I have been struggling to find time to commit to writing these last few weeks, but a few lines is better than nothing. Gotta start somewhere!

The first novel I wrote, Descendant of Strife, is an adult fantasy fiction. My two subsequent novels, Empyreal Illusions and Awakening the Fire: The Inferno Unleashed series are predominantly Young Adult fantasy. This new endeavor of mine is a Young Adult Romance with a tinge of fantasy.

Everyone typically says to write what you know, and I’ve stuck with that for my first three books. I am an avid fan of fantasy books and really enjoyed penning those three above. However, I thought that writing something I was not too familiar with would be interesting and a even more fulfilling experience.

I will say this, though … nothing tops starting a story from scratch, with no the only map of what’s to come lying in your head. Scary? Nah, not so much. Intimidating? Not really, maybe only every now and then. Exciting? Very much so.


5 Responses to “A New Day, A New Project”
  1. Megan Hand says:

    Can’t WAIT for it! And I’ll be here to beta read 😉

  2. sethsnap says:

    Yes exciting. 🙂 I need to check out your first books.

  3. maria says:

    I agree. Writing “new” is refreshing. My next project is THE COAL ELF sequel. Never written a “Part 2” before, so I’m looking forward to/scared of the challenge. Very interested in your YA “romance”. More info please!!!

    • Sequels are fun! You’ll have a blast with it!

      The YA Romance I’ve only done a few pages in so far … Don’t want to give any spoilers away … But it is the tale of a 17 year old girl who learns that her naive perceptions of love are nothing like the real thing, and the value of true love is only rivaled by the adventure finding it! 🙂

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